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The CPS-Technik is an affiliation of smaller companies with their very special field of knowledge. These companies are not too big and therefore they are highly flexible and adaptable. As they only form a loose union, each part has to put itself through on the market and this guarantees a good price performance ratio.

Within the CPS-Technik you only have to have one contact partner for the whole project or for a project segment. Also partial commissions may be realized with us at short notice.

CPS-Technik quotations are very transparent, in order to ensure that the basics of the calculations can be understood and thus may be reused.
As an example see for instance: "Examples of lay out and manufacture of printed circuit board".

CPS-Technik would be pleased to send you a quotation for a development or a series production. Maybe you know already some of our associated companies.

CPS-Technik is looking for partners abroad, to establish technical representatives. CPS-Technik has already established a second place of business in Florida USA.


Development of Printed Circuit Board

for digital or analogue controls and process controllers.

Developments of Layouts

CAD/CAM layouts on a MICRON system from single-sided printed circuits or multilayer ones to ASICs (example: 6-layer circuit with integrated ground and voltage land).

Manufacture of PCBs

from the layout to their manufacture, on the basis of Gerber files adjusted with the help of directly transcribed manufacturer’s data.

We supply prototypes, small series, and series of single-sided or multi layer PCBs

Mechanics/Precision Mechanics

Compilation of technical Drawings

Drawings are executed on CAD/CAM systems, either in 2D or 3D, and generated with the help of CADKEY Professional.

CADKEY Professional is fully compatible
with other CAD/CAM-systems of all categories

Development of the Model

In our state-of-the-art prototype workshop, we are manufacturing high precision models according to traditional methods, or laser hardened epoxy models according to the Stereo-lithographic Process (SL).

CAD/CAM-data may be transcribed
into our stereo-lithographic system
to create a respecive model.

Manufacture of Serial Products

CADKEY data may directly be used to control machine tools (turning lathes, milling machines, spark erosion machines),in order to manufacture high-capacity moulds and precision tools. On the basis of the SL model, we thereupon fabricate tools and moulds for the manufacture of small series according to the vacuum casting process.


We supply prototypes, small series, and series of mechanical and precision-mechanical parts.


Our product applications include control engineering, process automation,
computer integrated traffic control, medical technology,
as well as applications for nuclear research centers and
alternative-energy power stations.

Thus we supplied enterprises such as:

- CERN, Genf
- PSI (Paul Scherrer-Institut für Kernforschung), Villigen
- Hoftmann-La Roche
- Condair AG
- Türautomation AG (Radarsteuerung)
- Flowtec AG
- Gebr. Sulzer AG
- Sulzer-Burckhardt AG
- VBZ, Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich

to name but a few. In addition, we supplied the control units
to be used in the Bahn 2000 project (MICAS S2). At ABB, we are
currently participating in the continued development of the
central host computer.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art integration of electronics and
machanics/precision mechanics, we are able to develop prototypes
for your enterprises up to serial fabrication.

Confidentially concerning your project
is our priority.